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Ron's Rants Jan 23, 2013
Clowns are funny in the circus, not in the House of Representatives
by Ron Ault

I haven't done a Ron's Rant in a while—been posting my frustrations on my personal "Facebook" page. I just can't resist any longer. The last Congress was the least effective, most do nothing Congress in history, a failure by any measure.

The Speaker of the House—ineffective. He couldn't get his own party to support him. He was unable to strike any compromises with the other branches of government. As a result, America lost.

Now, we have a new Congress. The party politics of the general election are behind us. It is far past time for Congress to get to work putting America back to work.

There are two visions of America. The President has a vision of progress and prosperity for the growing middle class by investing in job creation. The Speaker of the House has a vision of austerity, debt reduction by cutting back, shrinking America by reductions in spending and investment in the middle class, cutting benefits in Social Security, reducing health care for the elderly and poor. One thing is certain—you cannot grow by shrinking. America cannot grow jobs and increase the middle class by austerity. It can't be done.

The failure of Congress to govern is a serious threat to America's security and wellbeing, every bit as serious as a foreign enemy preparing for an invasion of our nation.

The failure of Congress to provide funding for increased security at the State Department, for our embassies and diplomats, has dire consequences. In any international or national emergency, the first question any U.S. president asks the Joint Chiefs is "Where are our aircraft carriers? Are they within striking distance?"

Think about this—currently, due to the failure of Congress—our four Naval Shipyards are under a hiring freeze. To reduce the budget, Congress is considering furloughing the workforce who repair and overhaul critical aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines for up to 21 days. Any delays in these ships being repaired and returned to the fleet means the answer to a President's question of where are our carriers is: “They are not available to us. The Teddy Roosevelt/George Bush is in dry dock being repaired in Norfolk, Virginia and/or Bremerton, Washington, Mr. President."  

You elected your member of Congress. I didn't vote for him or her—I voted for Steny Hoyer to be my representative in Congress. And, Steny Hoyer is working for me and he’s doing a damn good job. I am happy as a clam with my Congressman—love him and what he is doing for me.

Can you say the same?

Do you even know the name of your Congressman? Have you called on him/her? Have you asked your member of Congress to do anything for you? Have you shared your views? Citizenship is our most important freedom.

We cannot elect Bozos to Congress and expect them to act responsibly. Clowns are funny in the circus but not in the House of Representatives.

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